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Toothpaste Black Bamboo Organic and natural Charcoal Activated Whitening Tooth Beauty Dental FDA CE Certification Model : 3-10482

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 HUAMIANLI 100% Natural, Pure & Safe For Your Teeth & Gums

Our formulation is SLS free, has no sulfate, no fluoride,
and no artificial colors.

Powerfully absorbs and gets rid of tooth surface of all smoke stains,                        tea stains, coffee stains,

helping you get better bright white strong healthy teeth.
Mint flavor help remove the mouth odor, so you have fresh and natural breath.

Directions for Usage:

Use a pea sized amount of Activated Charcoal Toothpaste and brush normally.Use after every meal, twice daily or as directed by a physician or dentist.


Children under six years old should be under the guidance of adult.

1. Whitens teeth without bleaching.
2. Remove Bad Breath
3. Won't harm dentures or crowns.
4. Kills harmful bacteria.
5. Great for every day use.

Ingredient: Activated Bamboo Charcoal
Age Group: Adults
Quantity: 1pcs
NET WT: 105g - 3.7 oz
Certification: FDA,CE