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Face Mask Respirator 3Layers protection against viral bacteria health

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Minimum order 10 pieces

Three-layer non-woven disposable mouth mask.
The respirator use: Can achieve the effect of dust.
The bridge of the nose with aluminum strip can be fixed role.
Non-woven masks for one-time items, easy to use, and make relevant purification, treatment, can be used for food, electronics, textiles.
Clean room operators, also can be used to do everyday products.
Good mouth mask, it is valid to hinder for dust, allergies, pollution, pollen.
Elastic straps with hook is suitable for most adults to wear, even in the case of wearing glasses.
This anti-dust mask is perfect for both women and men, suitable for cycling, camping, running,travel,climbing and daily use.

Product name: Mouth Mask 
Material: Non-woven fabrics
Color: Blue
Size: About 17 x 9.5cm(L*W)

Proper wearing method:
1. Fold the mask;
2. Wear a mask for comfortable wearing, and press the nose clip lightly to make it close to the face;
3. Pull the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw, and arrange around for protection.

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